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LeiaDianaMinerva [userpic]
Beta Info
by LeiaDianaMinerva (leiadiana)
at September 12th, 2007 (11:36 pm)

current location: dorm room
current mood: cheerful

What: I am willing to Beta any and all fandoms, pairings, and genres.


When: You can send a request any time. I am trying to keep to a promise that I will respond to any Beta request within 24 hours. However, the longer the story, the longer it will take me to respond. So, if you are writing a huge multi-part story, don’t send it to me right before the deadline. I will be responding to requests on a first come first served basis, so send it to me at least a couple days before you need it back.


Where: You can contact me either at Journal: http://leiadiana.livejournal.com, Email: leiadianaminerva@gmail.com, or AIM: leiadianaminerva


Why: I will Beta any stories, even if I am not a fan of that fandom, pairing, genre, or subject matter. I do prefer slash, but I will respond to any story with honest and helpful criticism. I will not tell you that your story sucks; however, if I think it needs improvement, I will make suggestions as to what could be done. If you need someone to bounce ideas off or are just beginning a story, feel free to contact me.


How: By contacting me of course. You are welcome to send any questions or requests to me at any time.