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I'm writing a West Wing fanfic the pairing is Sam/Ainsley, what can I say I'm a shipper.

So... I need a beta, but I don't know who will do that for me.

I must say I suck in grammar and spelling. Giving the fact that my mother lenguage is spanish and learned english in school, I’m not to confident about my writing, some times I need help with the time.

I can read english though, that’s not a problem. I think my problem it’s about confidence. So... I need help

So far it's one chapter, but I haven't finished yet, so it could be more than one.

I also can offer help with spanish if someone need it some time, I’m moore than happy to help.

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Beta Info

What: I am willing to Beta any and all fandoms, pairings, and genres.


When: You can send a request any time. I am trying to keep to a promise that I will respond to any Beta request within 24 hours. However, the longer the story, the longer it will take me to respond. So, if you are writing a huge multi-part story, don’t send it to me right before the deadline. I will be responding to requests on a first come first served basis, so send it to me at least a couple days before you need it back.


Where: You can contact me either at Journal:, Email:, or AIM: leiadianaminerva


Why: I will Beta any stories, even if I am not a fan of that fandom, pairing, genre, or subject matter. I do prefer slash, but I will respond to any story with honest and helpful criticism. I will not tell you that your story sucks; however, if I think it needs improvement, I will make suggestions as to what could be done. If you need someone to bounce ideas off or are just beginning a story, feel free to contact me.


How: By contacting me of course. You are welcome to send any questions or requests to me at any time.

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looking for a beta

Type of fanfiction: slash angst
Pairing: Sam/Toby mentions of Toby/Wife (cna't think of her name- one reason I need a beta :D)
Age Rating: FRT (PG)
Age Rating Reason: it's very angsty
Reason for needing a beta: just to be safe- I don't pick up all the grammar and stuff
Length: 200-300 words- very short
Spoilers/Timeline: It's an au I suppose it is sometime around when they get back together but nothing specific is mentioned
Date due: (for example, in the case of a ficathon) nope




Looking for a beta


This group was recommended to me by a fellow writer when she learned that I'm in desperate need of a beta... Writing West Wing fanfic is incredibly important to my mental health at the moment but I'm stuck on two stories and need help! I'm willing to offer my services to anyone who needs help with general proofreading and fact-checking... I've never been a beta so I'm not sure what else I have to offer.

Thanks to any and all who reply! If I need to write about The West Wing, I would at least like it to be good!
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Type of fanfiction: Political, slashy subtext
Pairing: Sam/Will
Age Rating: small children?
Age Rating Reason: they don't even kiss.
Reason for needing a beta: the story's set during a congressional campaign (Sam runs in Oregon with Will as his campaign manager) and I'm from the UK, so I need someone to check the political stuff (timelines, districts etc) is OK, because everything I know I've learnt from the net. Don't need grammar/spelling/punctuation etc, but characterisation comments are welcome.
Length: aprrox 4000 words
Spoilers/Timeline: post end of series
Date due: (for example, in the case of a ficathon) 29th July.

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Just written a short CJ/Danny piece as part of a longer, CJ/Sam/Toby piece. Anyone interested in beta-ing? It's about 630 words, nothing extreme (no sex, violence, language), but mainly some dialogue and description.

I'll also need a beta for aforementioned CJ/S/T piece, so, if anyone is interested in volunteering...

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Type of fanfiction: Um? West Wing? it's multi-part. no dialogue.
Pairing: Josh vs Himself with mentions of Joanie, Noah, Toby, and Leo
Age Rating: pg-13
Age Rating Reason: for thematics, I suppose.
Reason for needing a beta: I don't know if it makes any sense. I mean, it does to me. but ... it's jumbled and in five sections and each section is written differently, and I don't know if the timeline is obvious and ... yeah. Just because. Grammar would be nice, but not like, necessary. I'm more concerned if it makes sense.
Length: just under 2200 words
Spoilers/Timeline: none, really. well, s4 i guess.
Date due: none.

I didn't want to post it here or anywhere online 'til it is done, so if you can beta it, iffin you could give me your shiny e-mail ...

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Hey I think that this community is a great idea! I've never beta'd before, but i'd be willing to give it a go.

I've also never had anything beta'd before, so i thought that I'd put one of my fics out to the group, to see if a beta could fix it for me. THanks!

Type of fanfiction: multipart story - xover with Big Brother

Pairing: J/D

Age rating: PG

Reason for age rating: just incase 

Reason for beta: never had anything beta'd before. Just seeing what it's like

Length: 5 chapters 12027 words (but not all chapters have to be beta'd)

Spoilers: not really

Timeline: set about season 2 or 3. But never really mentioned.

Date due: whenever. 


I hope that i did this right...
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What a good idea! Well, I'll start you off by offering to beta. I do mainly Josh/Donna and ensemble pieces, anything (smut included!), any length. I usually work fairly fast, and I'm a stickler for punctuation, spelling, grammar - my normal description of myself is "Tobyesque"! (As some of the people I've beta'ed for will attest!) I'm always constructive, or try to be, and will give an honest opinion - if you ask for "honest" that's what you'll get!
I'm also happy to kick ideas around as well - before the stuff actually gets to the page, because I know that sometimes, people want sounding boards and feedback on their ideas as well as the stuff on their writing itself.
Also, if I start working on something and the author isn't happy with what I've done, then I won't take offence - if you're working together on something, you've got to "click" or it won't work.

OK, so that's me!
ETA, I've just realised that the format of this post doesn't automatically tell you who I am - I'm caz963
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Introductory Post

TWW_BETA - for all those needing a beta for their West Wingfan fiction.

For those that don't know, 'beta' is a fandom term, apparently from the Greek beta, which is the second letter of the alaphabet - the 'alpha' is the writer and the 'beta' is the one who reads and edits it for spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as story sense and characterization. It really helps for stories to be betaed sometimes, and if you need one for The West Wing, then this is the place to find one!

The idea is simple: people post in the community, with the following information:

Type of fanfiction:
Age Rating:
Age Rating Reason:
Reason for needing a beta:
Date due: (for example, in the case of a ficathon)

Anyone wishing to beta the story may then comment on the post to say so.

Alternatively, betas may advertise, with a similar format - the type of story they will beta, and the type of story they won't. Any betas that sign up will go in the Memories of the community so they're easy to find. Please also 'tag' the entries - with either 'writer' or 'beta'. Understand? Good!

I've created this community because I thought it would be useful for those who perhaps aren't as good at spelling, punctuation or grammar as they'd like, or for those that struggle with dialogue/description/characterization and need advice.

So, this is the first post of the community - please, feel free to join and sign up!