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tww_beta's Journal

West Wing Beta
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Tww_Beta - to match betas and writers in the West Wing fandom!

If you've written a fan fiction and need it beta-ed, or you're a beta who needs work, come to the community to find someone. Further information can be found in the journal, but the idea is simple: one posts, requesting either a beta or a writer, and then some one else replies, fulfilling your request. There is no limit to the number of time you can post, and there's no minimum or maximum number of stories one must beta.

I understand that there are many more writers in the West Wing fandom that there are betas - that's fine. It would be great though, if we could attempt to help each other out. So, if there's any writers who think they might be able to beta, why don't you? The community is all about helping each other.

Read the journal for more information, but please, feel free to sign up and begin posting!