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Em [userpic]
by Em (bluflamingo)
at July 22nd, 2006 (07:23 pm)

Type of fanfiction: Political, slashy subtext
Pairing: Sam/Will
Age Rating: small children?
Age Rating Reason: they don't even kiss.
Reason for needing a beta: the story's set during a congressional campaign (Sam runs in Oregon with Will as his campaign manager) and I'm from the UK, so I need someone to check the political stuff (timelines, districts etc) is OK, because everything I know I've learnt from the net. Don't need grammar/spelling/punctuation etc, but characterisation comments are welcome.
Length: aprrox 4000 words
Spoilers/Timeline: post end of series
Date due: (for example, in the case of a ficathon) 29th July.


Posted by: Atticus (as if I could be anything else) (thecolourclear)
Posted at: July 22nd, 2006 09:40 pm (UTC)

yeah, i'll do it. :)

atticusfinch at gmail dot com

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